Rebumping portusctl

Another hackweek, another new cool project. At SUSE we are proud to get our hands dirty with hackweeks from time to time. This is how Portus was born, and how we’ve introduced some nice features like security scanning. This time, however, we... [Read More]

Security scanning

One of the perks of working at SUSE are hackweeks. A hackweek is a period of 5 days in which every employee is free to work on whatever they want. Portus was born this way, as Flavio explained in his blog post, and... [Read More]

Portus 2.2 has been released!

In October we planned the 2.2.0 release of Portus, and a lot of things have happened meanwhile (see this and this). This means that even if our initial goals were quite modest, we had to be more conservative in regards of the features... [Read More]

Small update: 2.1.1 released and planning for 2.2

After the release of Portus 2.1 some users notified us about some regressions and bugs. We’ve been handling those as well as including some small improvements. You can read more about that in the release notes. We urge users of the 2.1 release to... [Read More]

Portus 2.1 has been released!

It’s been a long release and with it we have tried to add as many new exciting features as possible. That being said, we haven’t been able to include all the features that we initially planned on, but more on that later! First of all,... [Read More]