Portus 2.3.7 and 2.4.1 released

We start the year with a couple of patch-level releases. First of all, we have 2.3.7, in which we upgraded some Ruby gems that had known vulnerability issues. Therefore, we strongly recommend users that are still on the v2.3 branch to switch to... [Read More]

Portus 2.4 released!

It has been half a year more or less since we released Portus 2.3, and now it’s time to present to you a shiny new version. This version can be seen as a continuation of 2.3, since it simply deepens on some of the ideas... [Read More]

Portus 2.3.4 released

This new patch-level release includes some important fixes, so we recommend everyone using this branch to upgrade as soon as possible. In particular, this release includes the following fixes and enhancements: More things can be configured with environment variables for the deployment of Portus.... [Read More]

Portus 2.3.3 released

It’s been quite some time since we released 2.3.2, so it’s about time to introduce a new patch-level release: 2.3.3! This release comes with a set of important bug fixes: We have fixed a couple of bugs around SSL support for LDAP connections (which... [Read More]

Portus 2.3 security releases

As you have probably noticed, some weeks ago we released 2.3.1, and today we just released 2.3.2. These releases tackle two CVEs affecting a couple of dependencies from Portus: CVE-2018-8048: which affects the loofah gem. CVE-2018-3741: which affects the rails-html-sanitizer... [Read More]