Portus 2.3.3 released

It’s been quite some time since we released 2.3.2, so it’s about time to introduce a new patch-level release: 2.3.3! This release comes with a set of important bug fixes:

  • We have fixed a couple of bugs around SSL support for LDAP connections (which had some side-effects as well like #1746 and #1774).
  • We have fixed another bug on LDAP support, in which sometimes Portus crashed when trying to guess an email (see #1832).
  • Portus will now use a more fine-grained scope for Github authentications (see #1790).
  • Clair support has been enhanced, so it performs better on flaky connections (e.g. connections with frequent time outs). See #1743 and #1751.
  • The synchronization task from the background process has been improved so Portus won’t remove all repositories when some errors happen.

The 2.3 tag from the official Docker image has already been updated, so you can already pull this image and benefit from these fixes.

Words of warning

Commits 45814babef7e and 4892eb1dc5ce introduce some new options for LDAP. In particular, the following options have been added inside of the ldap configuration:

  # Encryption options
    # Available methods: "plain", "simple_tls" and "start_tls".
    method: ""
      # The CA file to be accepted by the LDAP server. If none is provided, then
      # the default parameters from the host will be sent.
      ca_file: ""

      # Protocol version.
      ssl_version: "TLSv1_2"

Notice that the old ldap.method is getting deprecated and in later versions it will be removed. Thus, you should use these options from now on.

What’s next

All these fixes are also available inside of the master branch, together with a bunch of new features and shiny improvements. We expect to start the release process for 2.4 between the end of June and the beginning of July. So… stay tuned!