Portus 2.3.4 released

This new patch-level release includes some important fixes, so we recommend everyone using this branch to upgrade as soon as possible. In particular, this release includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • More things can be configured with environment variables for the deployment of Portus. See the pull request #1880.
  • We added more protection around the portus hidden user. This user is meant for background purposes, so it doesn’t make sense to update it in any way (besides changing the password, which has been protected as well). See the pull request #1896.
  • Containerized deployments are now properly detected by portusctl. Note that this version of portusctl being fixed is the one included on the v2.3 branch, not the new one. See the pull request #1879.
  • Thanks to @kiorky, a couple of fixes around Gitlab OAuth support have also been included. See the pull request #1903.

Changing the password of the portus hidden user

Before this patch-level release, changing the password of this hidden user involved performing some updates on the database and being really careful. This is no longer the case now: you can simply change the value of the secret containing this password and Portus will automatically update the password on start. This means that you will have to restart Portus whenever you decide to change the value of this secret.

What’s next

All these fixes are also available inside of the master branch, together with a bunch of new features and shiny improvements. The release process for 2.4 has been delayed a bit more than anticipated, but once we are done with the latest feature that we want to include, we will start a code freeze and then the new release will be out as soon as possible.