Small update: 2.1.1 released and planning for 2.2

After the release of Portus 2.1 some users notified us about some regressions and bugs. We’ve been handling those as well as including some small improvements. You can read more about that in the release notes. We urge users of the 2.1 release to... [Read More]

Portus 2.1 has been released!

It’s been a long release and with it we have tried to add as many new exciting features as possible. That being said, we haven’t been able to include all the features that we initially planned on, but more on that later! First of all,... [Read More]

Introducing webhooks

Hello! I am pleased to announce one of the new features which will be shipped with Portus version 2.1. What are webhooks and how do they work? Simply put, a webhook is a user-defined HTTP callback which notifies a specified endpoint about some sort... [Read More]

Removing images and tags

Hello again! Some months ago we implemented one of the most requested features for Portus: removing images and tags. This is one of the most important features that will be available on the 2.1 release (due in September), and it has been a bit challenging... [Read More]

Portus and Google Summer of Code

Hello! It’s my pleasure to write the first post on the Portus’ blog. In this blog we will try to communicate as much as possible regarding our plans for the future, new features and other exciting news. For this post, we’ve been honored to be... [Read More]