Portus 2.1 has been released!

It’s been a long release and with it we have tried to add as many new exciting features as possible. That being said, we haven’t been able to include all the features that we initially planned on, but more on that later!

First of all, we have improved the support for Docker Distribution, so Portus should be able to handle the latest release of Docker Distribution (2.5.1 at the time of writing). Moreover, since Docker Distribution 2.4, now administrators can garbage collect orphaned blobs from their registries. Because of this, we decided that it was about time to implement image/tag deletion! We blogged about this in June, but you can read more about this in the documentation too. Similarly, we have also implemented user removal.

Besides this, webhooks can also be added into Portus. With this, you can tell Portus to send an HTTP request (with the given headers, etc.) after receiving a push/delete event. Thomas blogged about this in July. Another exciting feature is the addition of application tokens. This is an important step on the security front, and we are sure that users will appreciate it.

Moreover, we were fortunate enough to have a Google Summer of Code student with us. Matheus helped us greatly on the UI/UX front, providing tons of fixes and nice touches. You can read about his experiences with us in his blog.

These are the coolest features from this new release, but there are many more features and fixes. Make sure to read the release notes!

Finally, we’d like to thank all the contributors that have helped during the development of this release. It’s been awesome to see all the different contributions and it certainly motivates us to go on with Portus. Thanks!

Upgrading from Portus 2.0.x

We have detailed all the needed steps to upgrade from a 2.0.x release to 2.1 in this page. If you are using an even older version of Portus, please consider upgrading to Portus 2.0.5 first.

What to expect in the future

Portus is a relatively young project, and we have maintained it in the best way we could. There have been aspects of the development of Portus that we could have handled better though, and we want to fix this sooner rather than later. In particular:

  • The release schedule was unclear and it was never properly documented.
  • We should release more often. Almost a year has passed since the 2.0 release.
  • The feature list was never properly specified, so users never knew what was coming.
  • Documentation could be better.

This is an incomplete list of issues that some of our users have been complaining during our last release, and we couldn’t agree more. To remedy this, we are going to provide a better release schedule for the 2.2 release. In the following weeks we’ll specify all the details about this. Stay tuned!