Removing images and tags

Hello again!

Some months ago we implemented one of the most requested features for Portus: removing images and tags. This is one of the most important features that will be available on the 2.1 release (due in September), and it has been a bit challenging to get it right.

The main original blocker for this feature is that Docker Distribution only provides garbage collection as of its 2.4 version. This is important because we didn’t feel save releasing this feature without proper support from the registry’s side. With this in mind, we are sure that lots of users are still not running on Docker Distribution 2.4 (and probably won’t for quite some time) so, to avoid any surprises we have disabled this feature by default. That is, in order to remove images and tags from within Portus, administrators will have to conciously enable it. You can do this with the delete configurable value.

Last but not least, it’s important to note that maintainers are the ones responsible for running the garbage collector (it’s not done automatically by the registry and it cannot be activated through an API endpoint). Therefore, it’s up to administrators to decide what they want to do. For more information on this, please take a look at both our documentation and the one from Docker Distribution.

With this feature already on our belt, we will be able to proceed with more features that will make it for the 2.1 release, like removing namespaces or users. If you are interested in knowing more about this, just say something on our Google group or submit a new issue on our Github project.