Release schedule for 2.3

The 2.3 release will be mostly about fixing known bugs and testing. This release will also improve the documentation on how to deploy and use Portus in production, while taking special care of the official Docker image. This has already been done (see this PR), but we will improve the situation even further until the final release.

Besides all this, this release will also bring some new features, but let’s take a look at the calendar first:

  • October will have a code freeze, so no new features are allowed to be merged afterwards.
  • On November 8th, the first release candidate will be released.
  • From then on, new release candidates will be released every two weeks until we feel the final release is ready to be tagged.

With this in mind, the exact number of features to be included is not set in stone, but the only requirement is that they make it before the code freeze on October. For now we have already written some exciting features such as:

  • The announced security scanning support, in which Portus will be able to show the vulnerabilities that were found in your Docker images. Check the pull request if you want to read all the gory inner details.
  • We are now using Puma for the official Docker image (see the PR).

But we have some handy new features in the pipeline that will be pretty interesting too. Stay tuned!